Sep. 11th, 2013

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[I'm so sorry for not posting on here more! I haven't been reading as much this year, but I have read other books that qualify, and I hope I can manage to catch up.]

Seventeen-year-old Li Lan has barely begun to think about her future when her father unthinkingly passes along a rather insulting request he's received from the powerful Lim family: will Li Lan marry their recently-deceased son?

Of course not. Li Lan doesn't want to be an instant widow; her father says it's superstition. Nevertheless, she soon finds herself caught up in the old and new entanglements between her family and the Lims, which exist not only in waking life, but in her dreams, and in death. And though she's uncertain of her own strengths and ignorant of the workings of all of these worlds, the actions she takes to protect herself thrust her deeper into a complex supernatural conspiracy.

The rest of my review -- one spoiler hidden with spoiler code )


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