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2.35 Glee J Sellin and Mary A Tolputt, Gundanoo's Christmas (2009)

The authors are sisters from a large Bidgera family in inland central Queensland. The book was published by Black Ink Press and is, obviously, an Australian Christmas story.

I must say, though, that it didn’t keep my daughter’s attention. She’s three and a third now, but she literally went off and got a book of nursery rhymes for me to read instead.

2.36 Gavin Delacour, Cranky the Crocodile (2009)

The author is descended from the Waanyi people in Queensland, and has made up a story about animals of northern Australia.

It’s a version of *Are You My Mother?*, with Cranky the crocodile wandering around trying to find his mother. His mother is not a turtle, not a brolga, and not a kangaroo. She is a crocodile!

This kept my daughter’s attention. I must say, too, that she failed to guess the ending.

Me: Do you think he will ever find his Mum?
Her: Nope.

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Poor kid! :D


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