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Sally Morgan, Bronwyn Bancroft, The Amazing A to Z Thing, 2014

This picture book is illustrated with Bronwyn Bancroft’s trademark bright colours and contemporary Aboriginal art. The kids liked it a lot more than the muddy art in the previous picture book I mentioned (Annaliese Porter's The Outback),

It is basically an ABC as anteater tries to find another Australian animal to be interested in her surprise. None of them will look at it. My children guessed that it might be a game but it was really a book.

They liked the final page, where all the animals admire the book. My three year old also liked the ‘H’ page where the Huntsman spider was counting its legs. She had a go as well, and got to six.
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2.39 Sally Morgan, Dan's Grandpa, illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft (1996)

This is a classic issues picture book, aimed at bringing the child to terms with the death of a loved one. It is the first I've seen with Indigenous characters.

Sally Morgan must be one of the best known Indigenous authors in Australia, and Bronwyn Bancroft is likewise one of the best known illustrators, so this is a kind of a dream team for an Aboriginal picture book.


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